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I Just Wanna Dance

30 June
I'm just a fucked up girl looking for my own piece of mind.- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Scrubs mood theme created by touchthesky.

Marriage is love.

adrien brody, alfred hitchcock, annie hall, bad brains, beastie boys, bicycle thief, big sur, bikini kill, billy boyd, bisexuality, bjork, bob forrest, books, brandon boyd, buddhism, butthole surfers, california, cemetaries, charlie kaufman, cheese, chuck palahniuk, cky, clay pigeons, conan o'brien, concerts, cooking, curb your enthusiasm, dave chapelle, dave navarro, david bowie, david lynch, dominic monaghan, douglas adams, edward gorey, elijah wood, elvis costello, eowyn, fishbone, foo fighters, gale harold, garden state, gay men, geeks, ghosts, hal sparks, henry rollins, hiking, hinduism, hobbit rock, hobbits, horror movies, ian mckellan, iggy pop, incubus, italian food, jackass, jake gyllenhaal, jane's addiction, jeff buckley, jimi hendrix, jimmy smith, joaquin phoenix, john frusciante, john lennon, johnny depp, jon stewart, joseph heller, josh klinghoffer, joy division, kate winslet, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kurt vonnegut, le tigre, led zepplin, liev shreiber, lord of the rings, lost, monet, monty python, movies, music, office space, olives, pantera, peter jackson, peter sellers, piercings, play with me hair, prince, public enemy, purple, queer as folk, radiohead, rage against the machine, reading, red hot chili peppers, reiki, rem, river phoenix, ryan dunn, scrubs, skateboarding, sonic youth, stanley kubrick, steve martin, swingers, thai food, the beatles, the clash, the daily show, the doors, the goonies, the graduate, the pixies, the rolling stones, the simpsons, the who, thelonious monster, they might be giants, tim burton, travel, van gogh, velvet underground, viggo mortensen, vince vaughn, violent femmes, viva la bam, weezer, wes anderson, william faulkner, woody allen, writing, x, zach braff