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i've been back in toledo for a few days but i haven't felt motivated to post. plus, i've been obsessively watching the olympics. my trip to knoxville went surprisingly well. like i said before, it was so wonderful to be surrounded by friends and my former community. it was also really nice to spend time with my sister, my niece, and my brother-in-law. my sis and i had some good conversations and some not so good conversations (that's par for the course), but the good definitely out weighed the bad. my niece is majorly going through the pre-teen "every adult is stupid" phase. i took a great pic of her looking mopey, her usual look these days, that i must post here because it's hysterical.

thanks to my week in knoxville i was inspired to go to the local unitarian church. they've just moved to a new building and have a new minister. i love the new minister. i didn't like the last one because he was a little too "onward christian soldiers." not that i mind people being that way it's just not what i look for in my unitarian minister. anyway, i'm really glad i went because it was positive and lovely experience. a very sweet older woman picked me out as being new and insisted that i stay for coffee hour so she could introduce me to people. she was unbelievably sweet. it was so nice to have a couple of hours of positivity when i'm surrounded by negativity at work and at home. in a serendipitous little moment, when i got home i was looking through the want ads at job listings and i noticed that the church is hiring for an office administrator. sweet! i'm going to see if i can use some of my UU connections and see if i can get a job there.

in other news... i'm disappointed that lack of finances are preventing me from going to a "getting into publishing" conference in NYC in september. i'm trying really hard to somehow get my foot in the door in publishing and this would have been a really great opportunity. i really just need a sugar daddy so i can have someone finance all this so i can do whatever i want. i think once the olympics are over with i'm going to stake out the aquatic center in ann arbor in the hopes that michael phelps still trains there. i'm sure he wouldn't mind giving me a little of that $5 million he gets in endorsement deals. :)

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